The Order of the Writ is a fraternal and charitable organization that embraces the spirit of Kentucky Bourbon education, responsibility, environmental stewardship, history, scholarship and an unwavering commitment to the furtherance of America’s only native spirit.

There will never be more than 1,776 Holders of the Writ, in commemoration of the year that the Virginia General Assembly granted preference to the pioneers taming the Commonwealth’s western frontier. Membership is offered to others only by unanimous invitation of The Fifteen, the Order of the Writ’s founding members, signifying Kentucky’s founding as the 15th state of the Union.

The Sacred Acre is a plot of original grant land in Kentucky’s Bourbon County. In this ancient soil is grown an annual crop of heirloom corn, and from each year’s corn mash is created a unique and exquisite single barrel bourbon, bottled and made available only to Holders of the Writ.

Members of the Order share an exceptional commitment to elevate and defend the integrity of Kentucky Bourbon and to share its virtues in the spirit of Kentucky’s legendary hospitality.

The Holder knows that without endeavor, leisure is the absence of accomplishment. In heart and action, the Holder of the Writ is a person who appreciates that quality of living comes in equal measure from vision and commitment.

This organization is not a marketing platform. It’s not a cover for selling liquor. This is not a club of people with a simple common interest, or a narrow conception of how to enjoy life. It’s not an archive of Bourbon recipes or a repository of testimonials. It is not a forum. It is not a temple. It is not a library. It is not a place for everyone or just anyone.